If one chooses to uninstall the Juvico App after enabling the service, it's better to disable the service before you choose to uninstall the app from Shopify admin.

Disable the service automatically

From the Juvico app, click the settings button at the top-right corner and click on the "Service Enabled/Disabled" button as seen in the below screenshot.

Disable the Service Manually

If you haven't disabled the service before you uninstalled the app, please follow the below instructions:

From the Shopify admin console, click the Online Store at the left bar, and then click on themes option below it.

Click the dropdown box, choose "Edit code".

From the theme editor, perform the following changes:

  • Remove the below code from theme.liquid:
<!--juvico_start-->{% include 'juvico_theme' %}<!--juvico_end-->
  • Delete the following template pages:

Save, and you are done.